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Wilson Wai Yin Cheung, distinguished fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and member of the Explorer Club, is a pioneer in polar exploration and glaciology. Selected as one of The Explorers Club's 50 Explorers Changing the World in 2022, Wilson's commitment to polar research and expedition achievements is globally recognized. As a fellow of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), he plays a vital role in coordinating and promoting scientific discoveries in both polar regions. Renowned for his expertise in the Polar regions, Wilson's passion for both the Antarctic and Arctic continents drives his remarkable career. These regions are not just destinations for him; they are integral parts of his life, where he spends up to 5 months each year.

Beyond his contributions to polar science, he has set an ambitious goal: climbing every 4000m peak in the Alps. Having reached 78 out of 82, Wilson aims to draw public awareness to the rapidly melting Alps glaciers, projecting a future where these majestic landscapes may cease to exist after 2050.

Originating from the vibrant city of Hong Kong, Wilson defied his urban upbringing to become a dedicated explorer. Since 2011, he has spent over 1,000 field days in polar regions, ensuring secure and awe-inspiring wilderness experiences for international visitors and researchers. His connection with the Polar Regions goes beyond guiding; it extends to living with local hunters in East Greenland, absorbing their way of life.

In addition to his guiding role, Wilson is a glaciologist, unraveling the mysteries of polar ice to advance our understanding of these critical environments. His endeavors extend to responsible travel advocacy, where he champions sustainable practices and encourages travelers to connect with nature responsibly.


Explore our website's "Our Commitment" section to delve deeper into Wilson's dedication to promoting ethical and mindful exploration. Join us in supporting Wilson Wai Yin Cheung, the Polar Explorer, Glaciologist, and Global Advocate, as he continues to explore, protect, and shape the narrative of our planet's Polar Regions.

Wilson Cheung Wai Yin



Himalayan Leader (Nepal Mountaineering Association),  Mountaineering craft (Level 3), Sport climbing & Rock climbing (Instructor), Orienteering (Level 2), Ice climbing (CMA), High Event Challenge Course Instructor (Association for Challenge Course Technology), Leave No Trace Trainer, SRT Caving (French Cave Association), Nordic Ski instructor, Winter outdoor educator (NOLS), Avalanche (Level 1)

Kayaking (Advance Level, Canoe Life Guard), Sailing (Level 3), Windsurfing (Basic), Skin diving Instructor, Scuba diving Advance level(PADI), Powerboat (RYA)

Private Pilot License Airplane (EASA) , International Pilot A licence (Paragliding), Skydiving (USPA),more than 700 field days->1000 field days

Wilderness First Responder (WMA), Bronze medallion, Training of Basic Life Support Provider and AED (ERC), Kayak Lifeguard, Fire Safety Ambassador




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Alex Chavanne

polar Expedition Specialist


Comfortable leading and navigating wilderness hikes through bear country, Comfortable lecturing and speaking in front of large audiences, Familiarity and academic background with flora and fauna of multiple regions, Wilderness First Responder certified

Proficient in identification of marine wildlife of Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Comfortable and able to teach basic to advanced paddle strokes and techniques, Proficient in self-rescue and roll techniques, in rough, dynamic water, Proficient and experienced in all standard sea kayak safety procedures, including rescues, cold environment operations, and medical emergencies, Comfortable and competent zodiac driver with experience in high wind and dense ice, 10-18 pax, up to 80hp, Senior Polar Tourism Guide certified by the Polar Tourism Guide Association, ACA level three kayak certificate, USCG captains license, 100-ton near coastal • FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit

Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from University of California Santa Cruz

Alex Chavanne

Alex has spent the last ten years leading trips as an outdoor guide and expedition leader. Each year, he spends at least six months in either the Arctic or Antarctic and feels comfortable and at home in these less populated parts. He has worked in numerous roles, from guiding and lecturing as a naturalist, to designing and leading trips with tourists, to providing logistical and scientific support for field teams in the Arctic. One of the most rewarding trips involved spending two months in North East Greenland doing remote fieldwork with one geologist and a zodiac.


After graduating with a degree in Environmental Studies, an interdisciplinary study based on communication and research in earth science, he started working as a resource conservationist. After completing his contract, he took this deep knowledge of the environment with him to work in tourism, where he has learned to engage guests in a diverse array of subjects in natural history, environmental stewardship and citizen science.


As the polar environment begins to change rapidly, Alex understands the need to have a scientific analysis of some of the world’s most sensitive areas, and catch a glimpse of some that may never be seen the same again.

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Eric Wong is an alpinist and documentary photographer from Hong Kong who specialises in landscape, mountaineering and wildlife photography in the Alps, Himalaya and Polar region.


In 2016, he became the first foreigner graduated in the Khumbu climbing centre and qualified as professional ice climber with other local Sherpa climbers. In 2017 he started his climbing projects in various mountain ranges. During 2017 and 2018, he successfully completed several remarkable projects which included Eiger, Matterhorn in the Alps, speed ascent North America highest peak, Denali (6190m);  solo climb Winter Fuji (3778m); solo climb Winter Island Peak (6189m); and solo climb Ama Dablam (6812m).


In 2019, Eric started his Polar guide career to works in both the Arctic and Antarctica area. Also as an documentary photographer, Eric’s works has been published in National Geographic, Leica Fotografie International Gallery Master Shot and several travel and outdoor magazines.

Eric Wong

photographer & polar Expedition Specialist


Specialist in filming and guiding expeditions in extremely high altitudes and environments. Experienced speaker of expedition guiding and photography topics sharing in front of large Audiences. Crevasse and ice climbing rescue certified

Proficient in Adobe software and documentary wildlife photography filming in extreme wild environments. Proficient in Alpine mountaineering including rock and ice mixed climbing, and crevasse rescue techniques. Comfortable and competent zodiac driver with experience in high wind and rough seas in dense ice. Proficient in marine wildlife of Antarctica and Norwegian Greenland Arctic. 

Bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism and  Documentary photography from the University of Art London.  Mountaineering and ice climbing rescue at advanced Level from Khumbu Climbing Center

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