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Welcome to PRECon: Polar Research & Expedition Consultancy.
PRECon was founded to improve the cost-effectiveness of scientific field research and exploration projects by educating the public about expeditions and research projects. This approach helps the research team achieve their goals with less financial burden and encourages more research and exploration in the Polar Regions on natural science, humanities and social science. We help people to experience these remote regions and the opportunity to learn about the connection between Polar Regions and mankind, to understand the unique scientific value of the area, and ultimately, contribute to the sustainable environment.

As one of the leading consultancies of scientific research and expedition in wilderness, we offer professional and complete management packages facilitating each distinctive expedition in wide ranges of destinations, especially extreme & remote regions, namely the Arctic (all seven countries), the Antarctica, Greenland, Nepal and Tropical Regions in Southeast Asia. Our services cover both planning and operating aspects, including itinerary design and expedition planning, permits application and environmental impact assessment, Polar safety training and pre-expedition training expedition project management and logistic consultation, safety and risk management, and equipment pilot test and technical support. Our one-stop tailor-made advice and solutions can support large-scale scientific research and expedition projects.

Curiosity is the clay from which all knowledge is formed. We encourage exploring the world through unremitting research and expedition. We will be your biggest support and make your dreams come true. Let’s prepare to explore the unknown!

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Bespoke Adventure

Tell us about your definition of perfection and your expectations, we will give you the most professional advices and design the most suitable itinerary which can cater your needs to the fullest in given conditions. Together, we will embark on one of the world’s best adventures, explore the most stunning locations on planet Earth.​

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A Broad Network of Specialists

We are offering worldwide destinations with well-developed and trustworthy network of experts. Just tell us your needs, we are able to handle short term staffing needs around the globe, ensuring the best class services from vessel crews, expedition leaders, satellite communication specialist, to ornithologists or wildlife photographers.

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Hard-won knowledge and experiences

PRECon is capable of advising on all aspects of an expedition. We are proficient in both expedition planning and dream hatching. We strive to make your experience exceptional and help you to break your own limits and attain the most incredible expeditions. 

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