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PRECon is dedicated to help clients to realise their aspirations and objectives in the extreme regions. We offer professional and complete management package facilitating your unique expeditions in wide ranges of destinations from Polar region to tropical forests. We will work closely with you and maximise the outcomes, efficiency and productivity of your projects!

Our services include:

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Itinerary design and Expedition Planning

Itinerary design &

Expedition Planning

With our unmatched experience in various destinations and expansive geographic expertise to develop a rich variety of expeditions. From cultural exposure in Nepal and Central Asia to the historic huts from the heroic age of exploration in Antarctica's Ross Sea, we can generate the best day-by-day itinerary to suit your needs .

Permits Application.jpg

Permits Application and Environmental Impact Assessment

Permit application is the starting point for legal research on the Polar Regions. We assist our clients and prepare the materials needed for permit application in order to ensure your expedition is properly documented. Our experiences and expertise will help you deal with the complex regulations and even Environmental Impact Assessments.


Pre-expedition training and Polar Safety Training

As we put your safety as our priority, there is compulsory Polar Safety Training for each of you. We will also prepare you for the rigour of expeditions with our all-in-one training. The course covers comprehensive contents and essential skills for expeditions such as mountaineering, skiing and camping skills. You will also receive counselling service on fitness training, diet plan, equipment and pre-trip medical preparation. 

expedition team staffing.jpg

Expedition team staffing

and management

In addition to our broad network of worldwide specialists, our passionate management team and field staff are able to assemble professional expedition teams according to the geography and your planned operations. You can just focus on your research and enjoy the expedition!

logistic consultation.jpg

Expedition Project Management & Logistic Consultation

We are experienced and professional in managing expedition. Apart from logistic perspective, our consultation service is offering first hand, specific and unmatched knowledge for your expeditions, including operational tactics, budget control, expedition trends, itineraries implementations etc. Thus, you are able to obtain a comprehensive overview about your expedition plans. 

risk management.JPG

Safety & Risk management

Expedition inevitably incur various risks. These risks may be due to the inherent danger of the location or unexpected weather, they may also come from the activities undertaken. With our considerable polar experience, we are able to identify all the potential threats and hazards in advance and generate efficient preventive measures to mitigate the risks. Even any problems arise, we are able to take quick reaction in the first place and tackle the problem with our pre-planned solutions.

equipment pilot test.jpg

Equipment Pilot Test & Technical Support

It is a new trend to engage different pioneering technologies in expedition, such as personal submarines, helicopters, ROVs. They are not only some good ways to explore further, they can be some good solutions to attain your goal and maximise the outcome. As a professional and responsible consultant, we carry out Equipment Pilot Test before the start of your journey. We are proud to present our unparalleled support for these high-tech operations with promising quality. 


On the other hand, we are also expertise in various distinctive types of expeditions and services, here are some project examples for your reference:

project examples

Scientific Research

It always requires strenuous and extensive fieldwork to procure reliable data for research. PRECon is experienced in generating strategic data collection plans, data management, analysis and report. We will provide you with sound advice and solid logistic support to achieve your goal to the fullest. For instance, PRECon once assisted a Far East water bottle company in organising a Greenland Spring Water Research. We offered a research team as well as logistic advice to the company, which ended up bringing employment in the local as well as Greenlandic bottle spring water in the market.


Education Program

We are experienced in guiding personal or even educational expedition combining exploration and authentic learning experiences. Although our team of experts will deliver different wildlife knowledge, we aim at much higher target -- making the expedition an inspiring and life-changing experience to the students! PRECon was invited by a Hong Kong local secondary school to organise a scientific education trip in the high Arctic of Svalbard. They gave the decision power to their students in research planning. After a close collaboration with the students, we enacted their research plan successfully. We also provided various chances for them to withstand the wildlife. We happy to see their personal growth throughout the trip. 


Prime Client Expedition

We will tailor every aspect of your experience to meet your needs and requirements. We understand that every client is different. To craft the perfect bespoke trip, we will ask a few questions. What inspires you? What do you love to do? How active are you? What is the main goal you want to achieve? This helps us work closely with you to ensure your trip balances sophistication, exploration, fun, seclusion and adventure, while suiting the interests and needs of everyone in your party. We were honoured to work with an extreme athlete and designed his own expedition plan. After evaluating his own physical level and personal expectation, we were able to utilise his potential to the fullest and captured as many precious experiences as possible. 


Film and Photography Solution

We are capable to provide professional film and photography solution in the extreme & remote regions. One youth foundation would like to ski expedition to South Pole from the coast with Land Cruiser support as a backup. They have a film crew for the national TV live-stream. PRECon provided one-stop services from license application, documents management and equipment logistics to specialists services. We offered a professional Expedition Leader, Ski Guide as well as Expedition Driver for the team throughout the trip and provide them all the essential information required.

diving solution.JPG

Polar Diving Solution

Explore Polar region through diving will surely bring you a new perspective of this white world. You will dive under ice, from the beach, or from a zodiac and be amazed by the diversity of wildlife that encounter underwater. Dive with a personal submarine is also one of the new trends in exploring the Polar Regions. Our diving team will ensure your safety to the greatest extent possible.

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